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What is Managed Office Hosting?

Thu, 1st January, 2009 - Posted by Administration

Office Hosting

Office Hosting

My Digital Office ® – Reduce and eliminate the hardware, software, installation, maintenance, security, and support costs of your workstations and servers without changing the way you work. Your entire office can be securly accessed from any computer or terminal with an internet connection with the same privliages and permissions you specify.  Connect branch offices and individual users without the expense of wide area networking (WAN)  or virtual private networks (VPN).


What is Office Hosting?

Office hosting is simular to Desktop Hosting  except your entire office is hosted reduardless of individual user locations.  Installing and maintaining separate PC workstations for an entire office is even more complex when users have the ability or need to work from anywhere. Traditionally users have almost unlimited ability to install or remove software. Information technology departments have therefore often used Terminal Services, Citrix and VMWare to provide a stable, “locked down” office environments to the user, who could be either using a regular desktop PC, or a small, quiet and robust thin client.

Office Hosting provides many of the advantages of a terminal server, but (if so desired and configured by system administrators) can provide users much more flexibility. Users are allowed to access corporate information but are generally not allowed to install and configure their own applications. Users also gain the ability to access their server-based virtual desktop from other locations without the data itself leaving hosted office.

Benefits of  Office Hosting

  • Significant reduction of  IT costs
  • Significant reduction of  hardware costs
  • Significant reduction of Wide Area Networks costs
  • Significant reduction of bandwidth costs
  • Significant reduction in the cost of application deployment
  • Near-instant provisioning of new desktops
  • Near-instant provisioning of new servers
  • Near-zero downtime in the event of hardware failures
  • Robust desktop image management capabilities
  • Normal 2-3 year PC refresh cycle extended to 5–6 years or more
  • Existing desktop-like performance including multiple monitors, bi-directional audio/video, streaming video, USB support etc.
  • Ability to access the users’ enterprise desktop environment from any PC, (including the employee’s home PC)
  • Desktop computing power on demand
  • Centralized Security and Permissions to all sensative office information
  • Multiple desktops on demand
  • Self provisioning of desktops (controlled by policies)
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